Anonymous said: Do you have "This is Where I Want To Be" posted up somewhere?


Hi, thank you so much for asking! I haven’t posted the song in its entirety anywhere. It’s available on iTunes at this link though. I will put it up on my web site soon! (I should have time this weekend.) Thank you for getting in touch!

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Between Rocks and Hard Choices

Between Rocks and Hard Choices


Rock Collection

What should I do with all the pretty rocks my children and I collected over the years? It doesn’t make much sense to pay to move them all, so I have compromised and separated out a few. The rest will go out in the back yard to be discovered by someone else’s children.

The physical part of packing up my house doesn’t bother me much, although hauling boxes of books up from the…

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Staring at Ugly Curtains

Staring at Ugly Curtains

Vital Signs

The triage nurse asked if I had driven myself to the hospital and when I answered that I had, she looked directly at me and said “Oh, hon…” It was a delightfully personal moment when I least expected it.

I had been feeling some pressure and tightening in my chest, needed to take deep breaths, and felt really tired. When I checked with WebMD it said I should get medical advice. It also…

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A Tale of Two Cities and Three Realtors

A Tale of Two Cities and Three Realtors

Girl Waiting By Phone

Dealing with an uncommunicative real estate agent is a bit like having a bad boyfriend. You know he knows you are waiting to hear from him, but he just doesn’t call. Worse than that, he shuts off his phone after 9:00 PM so that he can’t be bothered by the sound of the phone ringing.

I’m in the process of buying a house in Edmonton and selling my house in Red Deer. It’s a…

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Reflections on Reflections


My neck doesn’t match my face. For some unknown reason, the skin on my face looks smooth and fresh while my neck looks wrinkly and tired. Recently, the receptionist at my car service place commented on how good my skin looked. Then she looked at my neck and changed the subject.

Back when it didn’t matter to me, I heard a man say you can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her neck. So,…

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Signs, Symbols, and Dents

Signs, Symbols, and Dents

Carpet Dents

One of my friends was formerly a carpet wizard. By that I mean that he knows how to clean carpets, remove stains of all kinds, respond to the needs of different carpet fibres, remediate the damage from floods, and be charming at the same time. You see? A wizard.

Sadly, he changed careers and I can no longer call upon him with my carpet needs. Today, though, I find myself in need of…

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Aunty-Social Media

Special Delivery
Special Delivery

Special Delivery

My children are social media butterflies. They hover around a networking site for a while and then they fly off to check out some other blooming online communication opportunity. Because of this, I have been introduced to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, and probably some others that I have forgotten. It’s quite possible that my children move on because…

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Getting Fixed Up

Garage Door and Ladder
Garage Door and Ladder

Garage Door and Ladder

My house had been cleaned and de-cluttered to perfection. The listing agent was optimistic. The sign was out on the lawn and I was ready. Then, the very first person to view my home saw mould on the garage ceiling. Oh no!

I had seen the dark spots, but I thought they were insects or cobwebs or something less sinister than mould. So, I moved the car into the driveway, closed…

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Not Suitable For Prime Time

Not Suitable For Prime Time

Grief and Loss

As the world mourns the death of Robin Williams, my thoughts turned to the anguish that his family and friends must be experiencing.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote about five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) in her book On Death and Dying. This has been widely accepted as useful in helping people who have terminal illness and for anyone…

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